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Our Story

In super market we found out the food transported is not under meticulous temperature monitoring. Most of the food temperature monitoring is done by hand, and the hand record showed high level of 2~4℃ above the recommend level. In addition, we noticed industrial refrigerator lack temperature monitoring systems restrained to hand records.

Upon seeing this conditions, we believe we can provide an Internet of Things (IoT) solution of low cost, easy to use and adaptable to business sizes

What is Temphawk?

Our TempHawk solution combines a great sensor system with Sigfox netowking capabilities.

Temphawk allows its users to do enviromental monitoring from the comfort of an office to the convenience of a smartphone. By knowing the temperature on time, we can help make your life safe and allow you to react to its changes.

Temphawk Features

Temperature and Humidity data

Get temperature readings from -40°C up to 125°C and humidity level (0 -100%)

Data reading every 10 minutes

Latest data at the palms of your hands

Push notifications

Set alerts to your temperature and humidity levels

Managment Portal

We design a portal to meet your cold chain requirements. Whether it is to track your Temphawk devices or get reports from your device's data.

  • Activate your devices
  • Assign branches
  • Download your device's report

Mobile App

No matter if its Android or iOS we got an app for it. You are able to get your device's data on the go.

  Google Play   App store

Get Push Notifications

Our push notifications notify you and your viewers whenever one of your Temphawk devices trigger an alert.

Sigfox Enabled

Thanks to Sigfox's LPWAN Temphawk is able to provide long lasting battery life. Our Temphawk solution available for Sigfox RCZ1, RCZ2, and RCZ4.

Temphawk is currently being approved for Sigfox Ready™ Certification.

Green HighLights

1. Reduce Material Use

The temperature monitoring becomes papreless by providing an electrocnic system.

2. Low Pollution

Low energy consumption, rechargeable, and sustainable use.

3. Low Enviromental Impact

Sigfox implements long range data transmission, reducing the amount of cacilities the devices requires to operate.

Where can you use Temphawk?

Cold Chain

We help you monitor the freshness of your product. No need to worry about hot days altering your products quality.


We help you monitor the humidity of your pharmaceutical products. This

In store

You can always deliver your product at the best temperature possible to your costumers.

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